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Armature For Neutron N-9BA (Suitable Or Wolf M/C NW8/NW10-AR)
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Armature For Neutron N-9BA (Suitable Or Wolf M/C NW8/NW10-AR)

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Product Code: Armature N-9BA
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In electrical engineering, an armature generally refers to one of the two principal electrical components of an electromechanical machine — generally in a motor or generator — but it may also mean the pole piece of a permanent magnet or electromagnet, or the moving iron part of a solenoid or relay. The other component is the field winding or field magnet. The role of the "field" component is simply to create a magnetic field (magnetic flux) for the armature to interact with, thus the field component can comprise either permanent magnets, or electromagnets formed by a conducting coil.

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